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“Sonic Unleashed” Officially Confirmed, Wii Bound

April 3, 2008


As was inevitable following the major screenshots leak for Sonic Team’s unannounced Sonic project, Sega soon came forward and announced official details.

The game, titled “Sonic Unleashed”, has been in development for no less than three whole years. According to Sega, it will feature entirely new gameplay elements such as combat fighting and transitions between day and night during levels. Also has been mentioned an element of the camera angle switching between 3D and 2D in-game at certain intervals.

Sonic Unleashed is scheduled for release on Playstation 3, Playstation 2, Xbox 360 and the Wii by the holidays, 2008.


Japanese Developers Behind The Times?

December 27, 2007

Akira Yamaoka was recently interviewed about his experience working with the Silent Hill franchise. He was asked what it was like working with an American team for Silent Hill 5, the series’ latest installment. This is what he said,

“It’s completely different working with an American team. There are of course advantages and disadvantages, but overall, I’m really impressed with the American staff and their technology. Their graphical and technical ability is amazing. There’s a huge gap, actually. They’re very advanced. I’m Japanese, and I think this is not just with Silent Hill but with the whole of the industry — I look at what American developers are doing and I think wow… Japan is in trouble.”

I would hope not. Over the course of gaming history Japanese developers have continued to create great games, including series’ like Legend of Zelda and Final Fantasy.

Good games tend to sacrifice technically proficient graphics for visual style and innovation, things that are infinitely more important and add the lasting value that can be seen in classic games. But I guess the real question is which aspects are most important to the average gamer. These days, do we judge a game solely by it’s graphical performance? If so, Yamaoka just could be right.

Okami being ported to Wii

October 20, 2007

okami.jpg Capcom has announced the Wii port of the Playstation 2 game, Okami. The project will be handled by Ready at Dawn, the developer behind the PSP games Daxter, and God of War: Chains of Olympus.

The port will make use of the Wii’s motion-sensing controller, especially when players are using Amaterasu’s celestial brush. The Wii version of Okami is scheduled for release in spring 2008. Wii owners who missed this hit Action Adventure game on the ps2 should watch and see how this turns out.

Sega Superstars Tennis announced

October 19, 2007

sonictennis.jpg Sega of America announced Sega Superstar Tennis today. What is it? Well, a tennis game, starring Sega Superstars! That’s right: Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi from Super Monkey Ball, Ulala from Space Channel 5, Amigo from Samba de Amigo, and many other acclaimed characters from the Sega universe. According to Sega, the game will feature over 15 playable characters, each with their own moves and abilities. There will also be homecourts, Sonic’s Green Hill Zone was one example.

The game is being developed by Sumo Digital Ltd, and will be released on the Playstation 2, the Playstation 3, the Xbox 360, the Wii and the DS in early 2008.

NIGHTS returns on December 18

October 17, 2007

nights.jpg NIGHTS: Journey of Dreams release date confirmed; December 18 for North America, but Europe will have to wait till January, next year.

NIGHTS: Journey of Dreams marks the sequel to the 1996 Sega Saturn release NIGHTS into Dreams. Journey of Dreams will feature the same 3d platformer style gameplay, starring the same flying jester. It has been rated E for Everyone and will retail for $49.99. Any Wii owner who likes platformers or fan of the original should keep an eye on this game.

SSBB release date officially moved to ’08

October 11, 2007


Nintendo senior vice president George Harrison has officially announced the new North American release date for Super Smash Bros Brawl: February 10 2008. According to Harrison, they wish to elaborate on certain features of the game before it is released.