Assassin’s Creed and the Wii

In a recent Game Informer interview with Jade Raymond (producer of Assassin’s Creed) the possibility of the game being released on the Wii was discussed. Her answer:

‘Totally out of the question.’

But wait, it’s not over yet. Raymond continues:

‘You would have to change the gameplay completely. Our mandate was to deliver a game that wouldn’t be possible on a previous system. That’s what we were told to do. So we were like, “OK, what wouldn’t have been possible? One hundred and fifty people on-screen, each with their own AI. What else wouldn’t have been possible? Climbing absolutely everywhere, a free path where you can go anywhere, all that stuff. The AI is chasing you everywhere you can go. Great. Let’s do that.” So we wrapped it all up and did Assassin’s Creed.’

She then comments (I believe she’s talking about sequels),

‘Of course you could make a great Wii game based on the franchise and story and have it fit and stuff, because that’s something we thought about—having episodic content and having different things. But gameplay wise it would have to have a totally different set of key features.’

The bottom line? We’re not gonna see this game on the Wii. However, a sequel in future, designed for the Wii’s functions and abilities, may yet happen. In the mean time, Nintendo fans, let’s hope the DS version, scheduled for release next February, turns out good.


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One Comment on “Assassin’s Creed and the Wii”

  1. Matt Ashby Says:

    I hope they do make assassins cred on Wii, it’s an amazing game, but I only have a Wii. Obviously the graphics would be scaled down, but if the gameplay is the same and the graphics are as good as they can get them on Wii, I’ll be happy.

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